Wednesday, June 8, 2016

[REVIEW] PINK by Pure Beauty

I was looking for skincare set after i run out Hada Labo lotion and since i got voucher discount for Pure Beauty product, i decided to try PINK range skincare from Pure Beauty. The range consist of essence water, essence, pudding cream and blur cream (a.k.a primer, i guess). I skip the blur cream because i’m not that much of a make-up person plus i already have Etude House CC cream which takes forever to finish.

The essence water is very light and has a watery texture to it. It function to balance skin hydration, enhance skin radiance and brightens up my skin. My skin immediately feel moisturize after applying essence water and those little bumps on my nose that’s visible after cleansing, i don’t know or is that called excess sebum were smoothed out. My nose become smooth after application of essence water.

Next step is essence. The essence only contain 30 ml of product and at this point when i write this, it already finish and i have to find another essence. The essence functions to give moisture boost on the deeper level. Honestly, i don’t know if it ever does anything to my skin but i bought it anyway. Although my skin is better these days.

The last step is pudding cream. I love this product the most out of the three products in this range. It gave me the extra hydration to my skin and also smooth the skin. My skin doesn’t dry out even after a long period with the AC on.

My skin looks brighter and i notice that it has a slight pinkish glow to it. The result is subtle but noticeable through a trained eyes.
Overall this skincare range is good. It give me the extra moisture boost that i need and also it has sweet rosy smell. Apart from that it does give the pinkish glow to my skin. It must be that or maybe i eat to much pepper. I rate these products 4.3/5.

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