Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I’m a sucker for face masks.

Ever since i grew up, I've been sucked into the world of beauty. Yeah, women loves beauty and stuff generally. These past few months, i’m really into face masks. You name it and i almost want to buy everything i see online. My first encounter with face mask is the peel-off charcoal mask to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and to tighten pores. Honestly, i don’t have that much of the skin problems heck i only have minimal problem with pores and it only appears when i use a little bit much of makeup. OK move one. I actually want to share the experience using different types of face masks. There are sheet masks, wash-off mask, clay mask, peel-off mask, nose strip, lip mask and etc. I actually just want to try off these things but they’re just so extremely awesome that i have to tell everybody about this.
1. Sheet mask
Sheet mask is the most basic thing when talking about masks. Sheet masks usually are cheap but they can be expensive if they are using those fancy-schmancy ingredients. I use sheet masks almost daily because i like the effect that they give to my skin. After wearing for 15–20 minutes (or in my case until it dries-up), my skin appears brighter (or glowing). I don’t look like dull zombie anymore. Just kidding. But it does make my face brighter and you can see the effect immediately after wearing it.

2. Wash-off mask
Wash-off mask is the kind of mask that you apply after cleansing and rinse them afterwards. Wearing duration of the wash-off mask is usually 10-15 minutes but shouldn’t be longer than that because it will dries up your skin especially if you have dry skin. Your skin will feel tight afterwards and also your pores minimizes. Some wash-off mask also act as exfoliator/scrub. My advice is find the one that suits you best. If you have sensitive skin, i thinks it’s better if you stay away from exfoliator/scrub kind as it can be a little harsh on your skin. The example of the kind i’m talking about is the SKINFOOD black sugar mask wash off. Honestly, i only use them on my nose because i have this sebum excess on my nose that i don’t know how to treat it anymore. Therefore i exfoliate it once in a while with this wash-off mask. Well, actually i don’t pretty much know what these masks do to my skin but after application my skin did became softer.

3. Clay mask
Clay mask is also a wash-off type mask. I haven’t try this type yet but i’m going to tell you anyway because it looks so damn good. Honestly i don’t know if they works better than the other masks. I heard that it works wonder to rid off the excess sebum on T-zone. Example of clay masks are glacial clay mask and volcanic clay mask. Time duration for wearing these masks is usually 10–15 minutes. I heard somewhere that you don’t need to wait until it all dries-up because the substance would strip away your faces’ natural oils. Afterwards you’ll find your face becoming tighter.

4. Nose strip
Who have trouble on their nose. Raise your hand. Me!Me!Me!. I mean who doesn’t. Nose strip is not exactly face mask but i include it anyway. Nose strip is best used when you don’t feel like to put all those masks on your whole entire face. Those with tough blackhead and whitehead problem can use this strip to rid of those heads. The only cons is probably it’ll make your pores larger as it is quite harsh when peeled off your skin.

5. Peel-off mask
The only peel off mask i tried before is charcoal mask. I like wearing charcoal mask because like the nose strip you can see all the blackheads, whiteheads and those tiny hairs being peeled away and it gave u relief that these shits coming out. At least you know it’s working.

6. Sleeping pack
Alright, for me this is the best. This mask you wear before you go to bed. When you wake up and voila! you have a baby-smooth kinda skin feeling. I don’t know the exact purpose but i love feeling happy when i woke up. This mask keeps your skin supple throughout the night time. Sometimes i just skip night cream and wear this instead. I don’t know if this is actually a korean marketing for night cream. Huh.

7. Capsule pack
This is new stuff. Basically sheet mask but without the mask, just the essence. I think it’s good for the environment because they rid the use of the cotton mask therefore, no disposal of the mask hence, the cleaner environment. I haven’t tried this but it looks really cool.

8. Lip mask/patch
“Wait, you think lip is worthless. Let’s remind these people that your lip is precious too”, says korean skincare marketing director. Man, these people really know how to sell.

Finally, that’s all i know about masks. Oh wait! There’s hydrogel mask but i already too tired to write. So, what do you guys think. Is there any more masks. Care to weigh in?

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